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Plasmalite® Intense Pulsed Light System

What is it?
Plasmalite is the third generation of Light Based Systems. Incorporating all the benefits of both laser and Intense Pulsed Light in a single system and using unique flourescence technology, Plasmalite offers non-invasive, safe and effective aesthetic treatments for most skin types.

What does it treat?
With the Plasmalite IPL system we can treat the following:
  • unwanted hair
  • fine lines & wrinkles
  • uneven skin tone
  • facial vascular lesions (i.e spider veins)
  • age spots
  • sun damaged skin
  • acne/acne scarring
How does it work?
Plasmalite works by targeting chromophores in the skin, melanin for hair removal, haemaglobin for vascular lesions and collagen (fibroblasts) for skin rejuvenation. Plasmalite works by using selective photo-thermolysis (selective light-heat applications) using its patented flourescent filter technology to achieve this.

Hair Removal - Each pulse of light causes the temperature within the hair shaft and follicle to rise. Once the temperature reaches +70c, the proteins in the cells denature and each active hair follicle dies, its ability to regrow is destroyed. Only hair in the anagen (growing) phase is able to absorb the light, approximately 30% of the body hair is in the anagen phase at one time and the Plasmalite will successfully treat 60 - 90% of the hair in the anagen phase during each treatment. Most people will need between 4 - 7 treatments on the area to be treated , although this is a general guideline, extremely coarse, dense hair, for example a mans beard will take more treatments, usually 15 - 20. Each person is individual and what happens with one person is certainly not guaranteed on another person. Because Plasmalite targets melanin, the hair needs to have colour, we cannot treat white or grey hair successfully with Plasmalite. We will recommend electrolysis or waxing in these cases.

Vascular lesions - Haemaglobin in the skin selectively absorbs the light in each pulse. When the temperature reaches 65-75c, the blood coagulates. This in turn causes the small blood vessels to collapse. The number of treatments required varies depending on the degree of the blemish. On average 1 - 3 treatments is usually sufficent, although aged or sun-damaged skin may require 2 - 5 treatments.

Skin rejuvenation - Selective heating of the dermal collagen layer to a temperature of approx. 60c stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen. A course of treatments is recommended for the best results, for optimum results we suggest a course of Crystal Clear microdermabrasion & Plasmalite treatments.

How do I know if its right for me?
Come along and see us! Have a free consultation, during which we will discuss a treatment plan individual to you. This will help you to decide if Plasmalite is for you. You will discover how often you will need to come for treatment and how long each session will take. We will look at the do's and don'ts of Plasmalite treatments and we will also give you the cost of each treatment. It's important that you are honest with us during your consultation and when filling out the assessment forms. We want to give you optimum results and can only do so if we know the full facts. Certain medical conditions are a contra-indication to the Plasmalite treatment as are some drugs. We will also suggest alternative treatments if we feel these would benefit you more.

If I decide to go ahead, what next?
If you decide to go ahead with the treatment we can perform a test patch after your consultation, or at a later date. It's vital that you have a test patch before any treatments. Although we assess your skin type using the Fitzpatrick scale, it's important we test your skin's suitability to any treatments. We will test patch in the area you require treatment, in the case of facial treatments we test patch behind the ear (in case of adverse reaction). We charge £30 for the test patch, this charge is deducted from your first treatment. After a minimum of 48 hours you can have your first treatment, subject to test patch results. Most people see no difference in the area that has been test patched, this is a normal reaction. Some people have a slight reddening in the test patch area which goes away fairly quickly, again this is a normal reaction. At each treatment an assessment is made of the previous treatment, the treatment is carried out and an appointment is made for your next treatment.

What does it cost?
We give each client an individual price on their treatment. We do not expect or demand payment in advance; you pay as you have treatments. To give you an idea on cost we give guidelines for various treatments.

Price (£)

Hair removal
Underarms from £60.00
Top lip from £30.00
Bikini line from £60.00
We have 2 pricing systems for a mans beard as it requires more treatments than other areas:
(a) £180 for each of the 1st 4 treatments, £120 for each of the following 6 treatments, from £65 for each subsequent treatment.
(b) £135 for each treatment

Skin Rejuvenation
Microdermabrasion followed by Plasmalite collagen stimulation treatment on the whole face (Certain areas will be priced individually. i.e forehead). from £150.00
each treatment

Vascular lesions
Again, this treatment will be priced individually as each person is so different.
To treat spider veins on cheeks for example, would cost from £70 for each treatment.

Hair Removal with
Plasmalite® IPL

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